Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taiwan Adventures

So in my last posted I said how it was our first day in Taiwan well now weve been here for almost 3 months and we were supposed to head back to Bangkok after 3 months, but that doesnt look like it is happening anytime soon :(
I dont  mind it here but I definietly miss all of our friends back in Bangkok and I miss Lance getting home at 7:00 instead of 10:00, but anyways enough with the whining!  Here is some things that we have done so far in Taiwan!
This was are first time out with some of the people Lance works with, we went to a place called on tap, good food and all day happy hour!
This is the view from our hotel room in Taipei, Taiwan
Not to long after we were in Taiwan we were sent to Hong Kong to extend Lance's work permit
 The street are hotel was on in Hong Kong

Trying to find wifi so we could find our way around this big city!
We ended up finding dinner really close by and heading back to the hotel to get some sleep so we could do as much exploring as possible the next day before our flight back to Taiwan.
 Victoria's Peak the highest point in Hong Kong where you can see the whole city

It was a foggy, but definetly beautiful
I love you at the Peak
Victoria's Peak was beautiful!  Now off to more exploring
 Lance got to fight Bruce Lee
 We headed to Times Square which was a HUGE mall!
 The Biggest Forever 21 I have ever seen!!!!

 These cherry blossom trees were outside of the Times Square Mall, they were so pretty!
 Bamboo Scaffolding! Lance literally stared at it trying to figure out how in the world it works!
Well we headed back to Taipei to Lance's crazy hours and my online classes!
On the weekends in Taiwan is the only time we get to do any exploring so one weekend we headed out to go to a place called the diner with yummy american breakfast!

It was delicious and definitely hit the spot!!
We then headed to Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world!

The following week Mom and Dad sent us a goody box full of our favorite american goodies, they sure are the best!!!  All of it was gone in about a week!!

 That Saturday we went to a Restaurant called Brown Sugar, I did a really bad job at taking pictures as you can see!
On Sunday we headed to this place with Batting Cages and a game room!
 I think this game was impossible to win!
We were sore for the next two days from the batting cages haha
That night we went to eat Taiwanese food for the first time since being here!  I am not a real big fan of it yet but maybe I will get there.  They have a lot of fried food and a lot of food that I have no idea what it is!
The following weekend I headed to a fashion market with a girl named Emily who is here with her husband who also works with Lance.  There were literally rows and rows of clothes for really cheap!

They were also selling donuts and ice cream in the middle of the tiny streets, so of course that is the perfect snack while shopping!
For lunch we tried out some street food!!
 I had the pork sausage it was actually really good

 Chicken on a stick!!  This chicken is very popular in Taiwan salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper! 
Next we headed to a night market which was in the process of setting up for that night, Raohe Night Market is the oldest night market in Taiwan.

 Yes, those are intestines!
 and I believe this is boiling bones, i think
The next weekend was St. Patricks Day so we all headed to On Tap to celebrate in our greenish attire

Last night we headed to do some bowling which I used to love because I could actually beat Lance, but for some reason that is not happening lately.  On are way to bowling there was a lady dressed like a statue.
It was pretty neat and looks like it would be really hard to stand still like that!

Well thats all for now!  We just booked a trip to Southern Thailand were excited and ready for a much needed vacation!  We are on the home stretch only four more months till were home!!